Drawing Room Architect Inc. is a full-service practice that provides everything required to bring your project to fruition. We believe that a home is more than the sum of its’ parts which means that for many of our projects our services include architecture, interior design, and procurement of furniture, décor and art.

Our services cover all phases of design from working with municipal and provincial governments in order to guide the project through permits and legal framework, to preparing detailed drawings and documents for the builder. We offer life-like images and videos during the design phase which allow clients to truly understand the beauty of their project. We offer shop drawing review and onsite field review to minimize difficulties during the building of the project and to help ensure that the design intent is fully realized.


Drawing Room Architect Inc. has a uniquely wide range of architectural design skills. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to bring you a unique design that suits your personal needs. Whether it is traditional, contemporary transitional or extremely modern, your home will represent your personal vision, expressed through the beauty of the design. Please scroll through the home page to get a sense of some of the wide variety of interior and exterior architecture that our firm has provided to date.


Drawing Room specializes in full interior design services, including but not limited to the design of all interior spaces including all wall floor and ceiling treatments and material selections. This includes the design of all millwork, panelling, plaster, cabinetry as well as selection of all interior materials including stone, tile, wood, metal and glass. Drawing Room can also provide interior decorator services such as, but not limited to selection of furniture, curtains, carpet, decorative lights and art. Should you have a decorator that you currently work with Drawing Room is experienced and working with your decorator to ensure a seamless design.


On less complex projects Drawing Room will provide landscape design services as part of our service, fully integrating the exterior and interior realms. On more complex projects, Drawing Room will work with top landscape architects in Ontario to bring you the same fully integrated and seamless connectivity between the exterior and interior worlds. We have a strong working relationship with many firms and we will work with you to select the most appropriate firm for your personal needs.